February 24, 2017

Events Archive

10/18-10/20/2010: Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

03/12/2010: A nearly identical copy of Jason-2, the Jason-3, French-U.S. oceanography satellite, is scheduled to be launched in 2013 to replace Jason-1 at an altitude of 1,336 km.

Contract signed on 24 february between CNES and Thales Alenia Space to build Jason-3. More details...

08/05/2009: Jason-2/OSTM Geophysical Data Records (GDRs) are now available to the public after one year of calibration/validation. More details...

06/22-06/24/2009: Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) meeting in Seattle, USA.

05/15/2009: A new DEM was successfully uploaded on OSTM/Jason-2. More details...

03/02/2009: First results from the Jason-1/Jason-2 tandem missions. More details...

01/16/2009: Dissemination of IGDR products to all users by CNES via AVISO website

12/15/2008: Dissemination of OGDR products to all users, by EUMETSAT and NOAA operational centres

11/11-11/12/2008: Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) meeting in Nice: first verification workshop for the Jason-2 mission

10/29/2008: Jason-2 handover of  satellite routine operations from CNES to NOAA

09/11/2008: Jason-2 receives in-flight acceptance

08/22/2008: IGDR (Interim Geophysical Data Record) product dissemination to scientific PIs

08/04/2008: OGDR product dissemination to scientific PIs

07/04/2008: Jason-2 reaches operational orbit – Start of the Jason-1/Jason-2 tandem phase

06/23/2008: First OGDR product processed (Operational Geophysical Data Record, the operational near-real-time non-validated product)

06/20/2008: Successful launch of Jason-2 by a Delta-2 rocket

06/09/2008: Satellite transported to its launch pad.

05/27/2008: Satellite mounted on its adaptor, Softride interface.

05/19/2008: Satellite's hydrazine tanks filled and pressurized

04/29/2008: Arrival of the satellite at its launch site (Vandenberg, California)

04/10/2008: The satellite is packed in its container, ready to be sent (after arriving by road from Thales Alenia Space facilities in Cannes and Toulouse)

04/2008: Jason-2 scientific PIs (Principal Investigators) announcement

04/08/2008: Operational Qualification Review

03/11/2008: Satellite Qualification Review

10/02/2007: Satellite Performance Key Point

09/2007: Deadline for the "OSTST" call for proposals for scientific research into Jason-2 data (in particular for calibration and validation work) for CNES and EUMETSAT (deadline end of October for NASA/NOAA).

After an inter-agency coordination phase for the selection of European and American proposals, the official results are expected in March 2008.

06/2007-01/2008: Satellite Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT)

06/2007: End of payload instrument integration and tests (DORIS and GPS)

04/2007-05/2008: Qualification tests of the ground segment

12/2006: Start of integration and testing of instruments on payload (DORIS and GPS)

  Visit from NASA/JPL
Visit from the NASA/JPL team during JASON-2 integration in Cannes

12/2006: System Interface Review

10/2006: Satellite Critical Design Review (CDR)

04/2006: Signature of the Memorandum of Understanding by the four partners

12/2005: Preliminary Design Review (PDR)